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The name of the American writer of Lithuanian origin Ruta Sepetys is already well-known to many Lithuanian readers, especially to those who belong to younger generation. This is perhaps the most famous Lithuanian name to the lovers of world literature. Her debut novel Between Shades of Gray written in the English language whose original appeared less than a year ago, in March 2011, has already been published in 30 countries and it can be read in as many as 25 languages! Including Japanese and Chinese. Repeated print runs of the book are already being published. The book has won several important awards and nominations in the United States of America, France, and in Italy the book Between Shades of Gray has been put on the list of the books recommended to schools as the book disclosing Stalin’s great terror. Hollywood has taken an interest in the novel too.

The writer Ruta Sepetys who makes Lithuania and its history famous all over the world is a honorary guest at this year’s Vilnius Book Fair. Tamra Tuller, a representative of one of the largest publishing houses Penguin Group in New York, which has published the novel Between Shades of Gray, is arriving in Vilnius together with the writer. In the author’s opinion Tamra Tuller has contributed greatly to a successful worldwide distribution of the book.

The writer’s meeting with her readers is held on 24 February, Friday, at 3 pm at the Writer’s Corner of Publishing House Alma littera, and at 4 pm the presentation “Ruta Sepetys’ Road from Siberia to Success” will be conducted in which, apart from the author, the editor of the novel Tamra Tuller and its translator into the Lithuanian language Lina Būgienė will take part. The translator, film director Jonas Öhman will be conducting the talk (Conference Hall 5.1).

Ruta Sepetys will also share her ideas during the talk of the Discussion Club “Writing on the wall: History of Lithuania for the World” that will take place at the Forum on 25 February, Saturday, 1 pm – 3 pm. Together with Ruta Sepetys, Sigitas Parulskis, Mečys Laurinkus, Jonas Öhman, expert on history Nerijus Šepetys will speak about the historic memory of the Lithuanian nation and its images and representation in literature, about the uniqueness, authenticity and identification and recognition of these images by a Western reader; the talk will be conducted by the historian Aurimas Švedas. One more émigré writer Antanas Šileika whose novel in the English language Underground (2011) about the resistance of partisans in Lithuania was among the 100 best books in Canada in 2011, will take part in the discussion without personally participating in it (a video recording will be relayed).

Ruta Sepetys and her editor Tamra Tuller’s visit to Lithuania is organised by the International Cultural Programme Centre.




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